Please help Bring John Home!

I have been working hard lately inside and outside of university. Working with a family who need help to raise money to bring their husband and father home. Bring John Home is a cause that has become very close to my heart and I am determined to do everything that I can to help.

Nine months ago John Lindsay suffered an epileptic seizure at the top of his stairs at his family home in Silksworth, Sunderland, resulting in him breaking his neck.

John was in James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough and spent many months on a ventilator only being able to communicate by blinking. which left his family fearing the worst, that John would be paralysed from the neck down.

Thankfully, he has regained some mobility above the waist but still requires round-the-clock care and a wheelchair to get around.

He is now in a care home in Peterlee where he can receive around the clock care for all his needs. Although this is closer for the family, it is hard for them to not have him by their side.

John is the father of two children, nine-year-old Jennifer and 17-year-old Jon. He is also married to Claire who is determined to get her husband back with their family where he belongs.


This family need to raise £300,000 to buy a specially-adapted bungalow for John and his family to live together under one roof.

Working alongside this family has made me realise many things, one of those being, never take anyone in your life for granted whether that is a friend or a family member. Be mindful and appreciate the people who you have in your life. And the second being, the generosity of people is overwhelming, just when you start to lose faith humanity, people are willing to help bring John home to his family. It’s inspiring to see so many people come together.

Claire is one of my inspirations, she’s unbelievably strong. Just to be able to deal with the situation she is in, to care for John and for her daughter and to keep herself together, she is amazing.

Many people have come out to help raise money to #BringJohnHome, running events or even just donating what they can. If you can please donate and get involved in bringing John home by visiting the JustGiving page via www.bringjohnhome.co.uk or donating privately by sending a message to the Facebook or twitter page.

If anyone is travelling anywhere please send your pictures in to Bring John Home of yourself holding up a sign with #BringJohnHome and www.bringjohnhome.co.uk to help raise awareness of this cause!

Bring John Home will be running many events of the next few months to raise funds for John, you can also find these on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can find Bring John Home’s facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/bringjohnhome.co.uk/

You can follow them on twitter: @BringJohnHome_

Charlotte x


How has Slimming World changed my life for the better?

Slimming World has changed my life in many ways. The way I think, the way I eat, everything. I used to look at food as comfort, so I just ate and ate. Most of the time it was purely out of boredom and stress, eating things like chocolate for the sake of eating it.

It wasn’t until New Years Eve just gone, when I released I really have a problem with my weight, (Picture below.) I lacked confidence within myself; my skin felt awful, I’d moved up into a bigger clothes size and my general health was dreadful – I was always ill. That picture was the point in my life where I looked at myself and thought I can no longer carry on like this, I need to change my life now or my health will only get worse.

Before (left,) After (right)

I signed up to Slimming World in January. This was the start of a new chapter in my life, a new healthy version of me. It was hard for me to walk through the doors of the group, especially when I’m not originally from Sunderland, and stand on the scales and to actually see my weight.

I left the group sad that I’d let my weight get the better of me and take over my life, but I was motivated that I would no longer allow the weight to control my life any longer. I would lose the weight and be where I want to be in life, confident in my own body and happy.


Credit to Fitness made easy

To be on a diet and to be able to eat practically what I want and love is great. I can eat as much rice, pasta and potatoes as I like and that’s great for me because I LOVE CARBS. Yes, carbs and chocolate are the love of my life, not going to lie to you. ‘Carbs are love, carbs are life’ is my kind of motto.

It’s a diet that does NOT feel like a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and if you power through your first month or so you start reaping the rewards – trust me! So far on my journey I’ve almost lost a stone and half, which for me is a great achievement.

Nothing feels better than walking into group and reaching a milestone. The first one for me being my half a stone award, I cannot tell you how happy I was receiving the certificate – over the moon!

But as many things in life, it’s not always easy. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster and you could take the ‘round the wrekin’ route as I call it or the scenic route as others call it. Now I love a good challenge so this is great for me. One thing to ALWAYS remember is that it’s ok to treat yourself!! Never feel guilty and beat yourself up over something you have eaten, ever. You’re only human, it’s natural.

As I said previously there’s nothing better than reaping the rewards from your weight loss. A few weeks ago I got my Club 10, meaning that I had lost 10 per cent of my bodyweight AND on top of that I got young slimmer of the year in my group, wow! I walked out of group with a beaming smile across my face, and that’s all down to MY lifestyle change with Slimming World. I can see and feel the difference in myself; I have more energy, I rarely get ill like I used to and my fitness is SO much better, among many other things.

I can’t imagine my life now without this way of life and eating. It’s perfect for me and I can’t thank my group leader and the group enough for their support. They never judge and always listen and offer advice, couldn’t ask for anything better!

So proud of my journey so far, can’t wait to belt up for the rest of the journey to target!

Charlotte x