All the right Mermaid Vibes – the August Birchbox

This months Birchbox is stunning and the box’s contents are a perfect match! Five products, carefully matched with my profile. What more could you want?


When I received my parcel and opened up the packaging, I did not know what to say. Look at it, it is beautiful. Lovely colours, you can’t help but feel like a mermaid when you see it and after all as Birchbox say “when it comes to their beachy waves, shimmering eyelids, and glistening skin, mermaids are serious summer beauty goals.”


So, let’s take a look at this months products!

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The first product that caught my eye was Birchbox’s beauty treat – the full sized Spectrum collections make-up brush. I have one word for the brush, and that is ‘perfect.’ The colour is beautiful, like an ombre on the bristles which may I add are unbelievably soft! A lovely product to be added to the box – I would love to see more of these so we are able to build up a collection. I would give this product 9/10.

The second product that caught my eye was the Nuxe, Huile Prodigieuse Or which is a golden multi-purpose dry oil for your face, body and hair. This product looks beautiful, shiny and golden. It also smells divine and least of all it looks fabulous!! I use it on my cheek bones and to define my cheeks (I have chubby cheeks so why not embrace them with gold!) Obviously it has an oily texture, so a little goes a long way. But this product is a MUST in my everyday  make up routine! As of yet I have only used it on my face, BUT you can also smooth it down your legs and run it through your hair. I am very interested in putting it in my hair – so I’ll let you know how it goes! I would give this product 9/10.

The third product in the box is the renewing mud mask by Whish. A lovely little product to apply before your make up one to two times per week. Considering it is a mud mask it is very lightweight. Now if you have sensitive skin like me only apply it for around 15-30 seconds (don’t want to be taking any rash risks!) So just rinse it off after that time, if not you can leave it on for up to two minutes! I would give this product 7/10.

The fourth product is LOC One & Done shadow stick in Rock Steady which is a light brown colour. Such a cleaver little product, and doesn’t require any tools. You just simply apply it on your eyelid and smudge with your finger. It creates the perfect smokey eye!! What more could a girl/ mermaid want!

Now, I am leaving my least favourite product until last. Unfortunately this product, for me was not great. It was Number 4 Sugar texturing spray. A big no no for me, my hair had a horrible texture after use. It is meant to create loose shiny waves without any crunch. This product was not for me, so I give it a 4/10.

Using the products from this months Birchbox I created a natural, glowing look!


So, that was my August Birchbox and I was very impressed with the products and the box. Can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x





How has Slimming World changed my life for the better?

Slimming World has changed my life in many ways. The way I think, the way I eat, everything. I used to look at food as comfort, so I just ate and ate. Most of the time it was purely out of boredom and stress, eating things like chocolate for the sake of eating it.

It wasn’t until New Years Eve just gone, when I released I really have a problem with my weight, (Picture below.) I lacked confidence within myself; my skin felt awful, I’d moved up into a bigger clothes size and my general health was dreadful – I was always ill. That picture was the point in my life where I looked at myself and thought I can no longer carry on like this, I need to change my life now or my health will only get worse.

Before (left,) After (right)

I signed up to Slimming World in January. This was the start of a new chapter in my life, a new healthy version of me. It was hard for me to walk through the doors of the group, especially when I’m not originally from Sunderland, and stand on the scales and to actually see my weight.

I left the group sad that I’d let my weight get the better of me and take over my life, but I was motivated that I would no longer allow the weight to control my life any longer. I would lose the weight and be where I want to be in life, confident in my own body and happy.


Credit to Fitness made easy

To be on a diet and to be able to eat practically what I want and love is great. I can eat as much rice, pasta and potatoes as I like and that’s great for me because I LOVE CARBS. Yes, carbs and chocolate are the love of my life, not going to lie to you. ‘Carbs are love, carbs are life’ is my kind of motto.

It’s a diet that does NOT feel like a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and if you power through your first month or so you start reaping the rewards – trust me! So far on my journey I’ve almost lost a stone and half, which for me is a great achievement.

Nothing feels better than walking into group and reaching a milestone. The first one for me being my half a stone award, I cannot tell you how happy I was receiving the certificate – over the moon!

But as many things in life, it’s not always easy. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster and you could take the ‘round the wrekin’ route as I call it or the scenic route as others call it. Now I love a good challenge so this is great for me. One thing to ALWAYS remember is that it’s ok to treat yourself!! Never feel guilty and beat yourself up over something you have eaten, ever. You’re only human, it’s natural.

As I said previously there’s nothing better than reaping the rewards from your weight loss. A few weeks ago I got my Club 10, meaning that I had lost 10 per cent of my bodyweight AND on top of that I got young slimmer of the year in my group, wow! I walked out of group with a beaming smile across my face, and that’s all down to MY lifestyle change with Slimming World. I can see and feel the difference in myself; I have more energy, I rarely get ill like I used to and my fitness is SO much better, among many other things.

I can’t imagine my life now without this way of life and eating. It’s perfect for me and I can’t thank my group leader and the group enough for their support. They never judge and always listen and offer advice, couldn’t ask for anything better!

So proud of my journey so far, can’t wait to belt up for the rest of the journey to target!

Charlotte x


How to understand Black Country

It’s crazy when you think about how many different accents make up the UK! And they are all completely different. So it’s no wonder when you move out of your area that not many people understand certain things you say!

Being from the Black Country (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, and outlying parts of the city of Wolverhampton in the English county of West Midlands) can be difficult, especially when you live in the North East. This is purely down to the Mackem dialect being completely different from the Black Country dialect.

I do often get mistaken for a “brummie.” Birmingham and the Black Country are geographically very close but our dialect is miles apart. Don’t get us mixed up – we don’t like it! It’s like calling a Mackem a Geordie, vice versa – they don’t like it either!

Incase you don’t know how people from the Black Country sound, you can listen here: Black Country Alphabet Song – OFFICIAL VIDEO! T Shirts ON SALE (Credit to Black Country T-shirts.)

I know what you’re thinking – Do people really speak like that? Yep. Yes we do. It’s an accent that’s hard to shake, my accent isn’t as broad since I have moved away but boy do you know it’s there!

There are words that I say no matter how hard I try to stop them coming out of my mouth, they just come out of my mouth naturally. Words such as:

  • Babby – Baby
  • It ay – It isn’t
  • Ay – Haven’t
  • Ar – Yes
  • All round the Wrekin – Scenic route (This is one of the words that I never knew since moving away – I always thought all round the Wrekin was the only word, obviously not.)
  • Cor – Can’t
  • Coot – Coat
  • Dae – Didn’t
  • Duwer – Door
  • Med – Made
  • Mek – Make
  • Tae – Tea (This is for both food as in dinner or tea, the drink)
  • Wench – Girl
  • Mush – Mate
  • Yow – You

It’s not only just an accent, it’s our very own dialect and vocabulary. I’m not sure if we have a dictionary, like the Mackem Dictionary, but if we haven’t we definitely need our own one!


Not going to lie to you all, ever since I were little this has always been a ‘buzz’ as in the noise a bee makes. I literally have to stop the noise coming out of my mouth when I say ‘bus.’

There are many words and phrases that I say day to day and people must look at me and think…

Image result for what memes

I feel a bit like Del Boy sometimes when I talk, “si danke schon, bonjour,” everyone laughs and doesn’t know what I’m saying. Although, strangely enough I do get a lot of ‘oh I love your accent’ I’m not sure if they’re being sarcastic or being serious.

As I live in the North East let’s take a look at some of the words and phrases used in Sunderland. (Credit to Sunderland Student’s Union.)


At 0:49 in the previous video you hear the word Stottie. Now there is a heated debate about this, so many people have different words for a ‘bread roll’. I personally call it a ‘cob,’ which I think is normal until I moved to Sunderland. Apparently, that’s not what it’s called. Some people call it a ‘roll’ or a ‘bap.’ Please let me know what you call this roll of bread! Leave a comment or tweet me @Charlotte___P23.

charlotte bread rolls