All the right Mermaid Vibes – the August Birchbox

This months Birchbox is stunning and the box’s contents are a perfect match! Five products, carefully matched with my profile. What more could you want?


When I received my parcel and opened up the packaging, I did not know what to say. Look at it, it is beautiful. Lovely colours, you can’t help but feel like a mermaid when you see it and after all as Birchbox say “when it comes to their beachy waves, shimmering eyelids, and glistening skin, mermaids are serious summer beauty goals.”


So, let’s take a look at this months products!

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The first product that caught my eye was Birchbox’s beauty treat – the full sized Spectrum collections make-up brush. I have one word for the brush, and that is ‘perfect.’ The colour is beautiful, like an ombre on the bristles which may I add are unbelievably soft! A lovely product to be added to the box – I would love to see more of these so we are able to build up a collection. I would give this product 9/10.

The second product that caught my eye was the Nuxe, Huile Prodigieuse Or which is a golden multi-purpose dry oil for your face, body and hair. This product looks beautiful, shiny and golden. It also smells divine and least of all it looks fabulous!! I use it on my cheek bones and to define my cheeks (I have chubby cheeks so why not embrace them with gold!) Obviously it has an oily texture, so a little goes a long way. But this product is a MUST in my everyday  make up routine! As of yet I have only used it on my face, BUT you can also smooth it down your legs and run it through your hair. I am very interested in putting it in my hair – so I’ll let you know how it goes! I would give this product 9/10.

The third product in the box is the renewing mud mask by Whish. A lovely little product to apply before your make up one to two times per week. Considering it is a mud mask it is very lightweight. Now if you have sensitive skin like me only apply it for around 15-30 seconds (don’t want to be taking any rash risks!) So just rinse it off after that time, if not you can leave it on for up to two minutes! I would give this product 7/10.

The fourth product is LOC One & Done shadow stick in Rock Steady which is a light brown colour. Such a cleaver little product, and doesn’t require any tools. You just simply apply it on your eyelid and smudge with your finger. It creates the perfect smokey eye!! What more could a girl/ mermaid want!

Now, I am leaving my least favourite product until last. Unfortunately this product, for me was not great. It was Number 4 Sugar texturing spray. A big no no for me, my hair had a horrible texture after use. It is meant to create loose shiny waves without any crunch. This product was not for me, so I give it a 4/10.

Using the products from this months Birchbox I created a natural, glowing look!


So, that was my August Birchbox and I was very impressed with the products and the box. Can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x





Everything you need to know about undertones!

Great blog about EVERYTHING you need to know about your undertones!!

Beauty Box

Skin undertones are often neglected when it comes to makeup but they’re actually incredibly important if you want to find the perfect foundation shade.

I’ve been wearing makeup for about 10 years now and I’ve only just recently discovered undertones and what they actually are. I’m here to tell you all you need to know about undertones, how to find yours and how to find the perfect foundation.

Firstly, lets get acquainted with undertones. Your undertones are a group of pigments in your skin that work in conjunction with your melanin to create your own unique skin colour. Remember not to confuse melanin and undertones. The melanin in your skin determines the depth whereas the undertone determines the overall tone of the skin. You may have noticed some foundations are labelled with a letter and a number like MAC’s foundations or L’Oreal’s True Match line.


The letters, which will either…

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For the love of Monsters Inc

Ahhh, don’t we all have a Disney favourite? Well mine is Monsters Inc. It is literally one of the best things ever.

Monsters Inc was released back in 2001, oh wow I was 5 years-old, WHAT. I now feel old, I’m 21 this year. Considering it was released back then it is a pretty amazing film. Ideas, the animation – fantastic.

I literally am obsessed with it, no lie. I have the Mike, Sully and Boo teddies, the Sully pillow-pet, pyjamas and candle…and probably other things which I can’t think of right now.

But does there come a time when you’re too old for Disney? Nope, I think not! Is my childhood favourite. 

I mean do you ever have one of those days, when you’re feeling a bit down and it’s the worsy day ever? And then you put on your favourite film and instantly you’re happy again? Yep, Monsters Inc is the film you need to watch. Because I’m sad, I literally know the film word for word, I’ll sit there and say the line before they do. Everyone hates it, it’s irritating but so fun!! 

What’s your all time favourite Disney film?

Charlotte x 


University life and the road ahead

University is stressful and picking one can be even more so. Picking a course, picking a University. Is it the best university for me? Will I like the course? Should I stay at home or move away? These are just some of the questions we put in front of ourselves when we go to University.

When I picked my University choices it was nerve wrecking, because you really don’t know if you’ve made the right decision. Especially for me, moving so far away from my family. It’s not easy, just make the decision that is best for you.

I chose to study BA (Hons) Journalism at the University of Sunderland, purely down to my love of writing and news. So it was perfect for me.

One things I very quickly learnt was that you need to really get involved in your course and get experience. Luckily for me The Hub at the top of my University building has five multimedia platforms; SR News, Spark, Fashion North, SportsByte and Northern Lights. I joined the news team in my first week, initially only wanting to write for SR News.

After leaving the hub and thinking of all of the platforms, I decided that I was going to come out of my comfort zone and join the Spark news team. Which at the time was called SR News Tonight, but we’ve had a reshuffle and called ourselves Spark Reports to fit into the Spark brand.

I must admit, I was scared. Radio, with my accent – ha! Never in a million years would I have thought I would see the day. But, surprisingly – I loved it.

I do news shifts now every week, creating news packages and voicing them. I love it, I mean I’ve had to train my voice quite a lot and it is far from perfect but I have come on so much from my first package! I’m proud of that.


I’ve now presented two of the shows at 5.50pm and I can’t describe to you how I felt. I was ridiculously scared, my mouth went dry. I literally felt like a bucket of sand had been poured down my neck, so I necked a glass of water mid show. Had to be done, I could go on no longer.

But it was a great experience for me, it just gives you that buzz (and no I’m not saying ‘bus’ in my accent – joke referring to one of my earlier posts.)

Here is my presenting from last week (please click ‘Thursday 4th May 2017″ to hear mine): 

Considering that I never dreamt of doing radio, here I am! I produce a show on Spark Tuesday 11-1pm for my friend Katie and it’s great – I love it!


Follow your dreams and do what you thinks best – but don’t tie yourself down to just one thing because you never know where the road might take you!

Yes I still have lots to learn, but I am prepared to put the hours in and work hard.

Here’s to the road ahead!

Charlotte x


A letter to my former self

Dear Former self,

There will come a time in your life when you’ll be sitting there and you’ll realise no matter how many bad things are happening in your life that you ARE a strong person and it’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to cry and it’s okay not to pick up the pieces that everyone has left behind. These things may not seem it at the time, but it is all okay.

You will realise that none of the things that happened were your fault. You will realise that it’s NOT your job to look after the people who should be looking after you. You will realise that running around trying to make everyone happy does not make you happy. Making yourself happy comes before that, no matter what – put yourself first.

One day, you will realise so many things.

Life is happening now, and you HAVE control. It might feel at times like everything is going too fast and you just can’t take anymore. You can deal with it, you can push through it. Don’t keep hitting a brick wall and surrounding yourself with smoke because it will blind all the good things in your life and the good things that your future holds. Come out at the end because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

You’ll find your feet, stand up for yourself and you will eventually stand your ground. Take the wheel in your life, get on the right road and drive. Get yourself away from everything and do what makes you happy.

No one will sort things out for you, only you can pave your own way in life. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and aim for the sky.

Sure, you’ll have set backs. But be patient and hold tight. You will get there and all of your hard work will pay off in the end. Put your head down, focus and ignore all of the other things that are happening in your life. Your work is your future and no one can take that away from you. No one can carve your future but you, never EVER doubt yourself.

One day, you will be a shadow of your former self and be proud of how strong you were and how far you’ve got in your life. Because you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. You will thrive and take all of the hurt in your life and use it to build yourself up. Be incredibly proud of all of your achievements.

You WILL be okay and you WILL be happy.

The future you x



How to de-stress and clear your mind

Sometimes we all need to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  We all have stressful things going on in our lives, whether that being the stress of work, education, family etc. And we all need to wind down, de-stress and clear your mind.

C.L. Sajnog says: “What is the importance of clearing your mind? Think of your mind as a glass, and your thoughts as water. If the glass is full, you can add no water. The water will only spill over the sides.”

If you don’t clear your mind, your thoughts will get the better of you and build up and up.  By doing this you’re not allowing your mind to think clearly and you’re allowing stress to build up.

So, what do I do to de-stress and clear my mind?

#1 Go for a walk

Going for walks can clear your mind, that could be walking down your street, around the  local park or on the beach. Try it, it’s great. Just getting fresh air into your lungs is great, just walking and taking everything in can really open your mind and clear it of all of your worries, stresses and thoughts.

#2 Exercise

Picture credit: Positive life force

Now I know, this is not for everyone. But for me this is a massive de-stress – just going into the gym, getting on the treadmill running a 5k and doing weights is a way for me to clear my head. And by doing this my aim for next year is to run a 10k! It also has many health benefits that will help you clear your mind.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America: “Scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilise mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem. Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects.”

Hence why I feel great and on the days when I do exercise my mind is so clear!

Try it and you never know how you might feel. Don’t throw yourself straight in, just ease yourself in and see how it makes you feel.

#3 Colouring books

Ahhhh mindful colouring! Now that is what calms me down. It takes me back to being a child and colouring in my colouring books! Those were the days, no stress, no worry. If only we could go back, ey!

There are SO many different colouring books out now for adults, such a wide range. From Disney to flowers and The Great British Bake off. Now I hold my hands up, I have multiple colouring books. I have small pocket ones for on the go, full off patterns. I have animal ones, flower ones and yes, of course – The Great British Bake off! Because, well….why not!

It is generally a good stress release, although I can’t do it for too long as I start colouring out of the lines. And that certainly stresses me out, I don’t know about you?

#4 Reading

I have never been one for reading BUT a lot of people seem to think that reading is good to clear your mind. Probably because your mind wonders off in your book and you forget about everything else around you.

Hmmm, it sounds like something I should try!

#5 A relaxing bath – with candles and bubbles!

Aaaaaaand RELAX. Now after a long, hard day we could all do with a wind down. This is one of my favourite ways of shutting out the world. Run a nice warm bath (with some bubbles,) get some candles lit around the bath and just relax.

In our flat its silent, and silence is bliss. But if your home is not so quiet, try putting the radio on to drown out any background sound!

Let know how you like to clear your mind and de-stress or if you are trying some of these things for the first time!

Charlotte x


17 things to ALWAYS carry in your handbag

For a woman carrying a handbag around with the kitchen sink in seems to be the norm. But do we really need to be carrying around all these things? Probably not.

The first problem we all face is which bag? So many bags! You find one…it’s too small. You find another…it’s too big. Luckily I have found the perfect bag! This is the first, most expensive, designer handbag I have EVER brought. But it is beautiful, so oh well! Shout out to Kurt Geiger for making fabulous bags! (See below.)


#1 – A makeup bag: makeup, lip balm

Essential for keeping all your little things together. In mine I keep my lip balms, mascara, blusher and brush. Just in case, you never know when you need to have a touch-up.

#2 – Compact mirror

The compact mirror, the trusty mirror! You never know when you need to check your makeup or reapply your lip balm, and to do that you need your mirror! I always put mine in my makeup bag.

#3 – Hair bobbles and clips

You never know when you’ll need a bobble or hair clips. I always keep them in my bag just in case the weather changes or I’m in a rush and need to put my hair up or out of my face.

#4 – Hair brush

Again, if I need to sort my hair out a hair brush is what I need to save the day. If it’s in my bag it’s a win-win situation.

#5 – Headphones

Don’t be the person who forgets their headphones, because there simply is nothing more annoying than getting on the bus in the morning and reaching into your handbag to find NO HEADPHONES.

If that happens then the whole day is ruined because now you must listen to Polly tell her friend Sally all about her emotional break up and you have to listen to the awful music playing out loud at the back of the bus by the teenager at the back of the bus with their hood up…. And that then results in you needing painkillers.

#6 – Notebook

Notebooks are essential, especially in my handbag. Being a Journalism student means that I could need to take notes at any time. Whether that be a lecture or interviewing someone for an article.

#7 – Diary

If I want my life to be anywhere near organised, I MUST have my diary. I need to have it with me because there’s always something going on. I always check my diary for deadlines or events happening in the area etc. It’s handy to keep in my handbag because then I can just use it when I’m out and about to jot things down. So, to keep organised….keep your diary in your bag.

#8 – Pen

If you have the previous items, you would need a pen…or in my case, several pens. You always need to have a pen in your bag because you never know when you might need one, or when someone might want to use a pen.

#9 – Tissues

Tissues are a must! You could have a cold, be upset, someone else could be upset or it could be hay fever season. These things could spring on you at any time so it’s good to keep these to hand.

#10 – Wipes

I love to keep these in my bag. These are ideal for when you’re rushing around working up a sweat, if you’ve been to the gym or it’s a hot day. They are a great way to freshen up! I only buy the small packets as they are easy and light to carry around.

They are also great if you spill something or get anything down yourself.

#11 – Feminine products

Now, being a woman this is a MUST. One of the most important things to carry in your bag, ever. We’ve all been caught out before, come on girls – admit it, it’s not nice at all. There simply is nothing worse when your time of the month appears out of nowhere, but then not having any products to hand. What a disaster. Don’t let that be you, ALWAYS carry a few products spare. Just in case!

#12 – Sanitiser and hand lotion

You never know when you might need hand sanitiser. You may touch a sticky door handle, sneeze into your hand or shake someone’s sweaty hand… you just never know! So be sure to always carry around a small bottle, to help fight those germs!

Hand cream is a MUST. Throughout the day, when I’m typing or writing my hands get really dried out. So keeping hand cream in my back is a saviour, it’s small so it fits perfectly into my bag and it smells divine.

#13 – Mints and medication

Now, no one wants to be that person with bad breath after they have just been for lunch. I love food, so it’s good to enjoy it. But check your breathe and have a mint, just to be on the safe side. You never know who you might be meeting with!

Medication, is important. Whether that being prescription or paracetamol. I made the mistake once of forgetting my vertigo medication, and I had a dizzy spell making me ill. I have never made the same mistake since.

#14 – Snack

Again with food…like I said before, I love food. So having a snack in your bag is ideal. If it stops you from going to McDonald’s then it’s great!

#15 – Spray

You know when you have those days where you just need to freshen yourself up, it’s hot or you’ve been rushing around. Just grab your bag, get your spray or perfume out and I guarantee it makes you feel one hundred times better.

#16 – Purse

Always carry your purse around with you and keep cash on you! You never know when you might need to get a taxi or a train or food in emergency!

#17 – Keys

I for one am a nightmare for forgetting my keys. So always keep them in your handbag, once you have locked your door put them back in your bag!

Moral of the story, always have these things in your bag. You never know when you might need them!

what is in my handbag


Please help Bring John Home!

I have been working hard lately inside and outside of university. Working with a family who need help to raise money to bring their husband and father home. Bring John Home is a cause that has become very close to my heart and I am determined to do everything that I can to help.

Nine months ago John Lindsay suffered an epileptic seizure at the top of his stairs at his family home in Silksworth, Sunderland, resulting in him breaking his neck.

John was in James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough and spent many months on a ventilator only being able to communicate by blinking. which left his family fearing the worst, that John would be paralysed from the neck down.

Thankfully, he has regained some mobility above the waist but still requires round-the-clock care and a wheelchair to get around.

He is now in a care home in Peterlee where he can receive around the clock care for all his needs. Although this is closer for the family, it is hard for them to not have him by their side.

John is the father of two children, nine-year-old Jennifer and 17-year-old Jon. He is also married to Claire who is determined to get her husband back with their family where he belongs.


This family need to raise £300,000 to buy a specially-adapted bungalow for John and his family to live together under one roof.

Working alongside this family has made me realise many things, one of those being, never take anyone in your life for granted whether that is a friend or a family member. Be mindful and appreciate the people who you have in your life. And the second being, the generosity of people is overwhelming, just when you start to lose faith humanity, people are willing to help bring John home to his family. It’s inspiring to see so many people come together.

Claire is one of my inspirations, she’s unbelievably strong. Just to be able to deal with the situation she is in, to care for John and for her daughter and to keep herself together, she is amazing.

Many people have come out to help raise money to #BringJohnHome, running events or even just donating what they can. If you can please donate and get involved in bringing John home by visiting the JustGiving page via or donating privately by sending a message to the Facebook or twitter page.

If anyone is travelling anywhere please send your pictures in to Bring John Home of yourself holding up a sign with #BringJohnHome and to help raise awareness of this cause!

Bring John Home will be running many events of the next few months to raise funds for John, you can also find these on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can find Bring John Home’s facebook page at:

You can follow them on twitter: @BringJohnHome_

Charlotte x


Affordable products that get me through the day – Part Two

I’m back again with part two of my affordable products!

#6 on my list is…. The brows!! Your brows have got to be ‘on fleek,’ it’s a MUST.

picture 7

This is just one of the products that I have for my eyebrows. It literally is what it says on the tin…genius. I love it. It’s tiny so it fits perfectly in my makeup bag! It has a wax which I use to go over my brows with once I have shaped with an eyebrow pencil and my NYX brow brush. I then use the brush again to fill in my brows with the powder. This product is £9.99 from Superdrug and is in shade Light to Medium. This product also has shade Medium to Dark. I would give this product 8/10 for affordability and the quality of it.

#7 – Eyes

Now this one is not so affordable, but it is something that I use most days just to add a subtle colour to my eyelids. It’s the Urban Decay ‘Naked 2’ basics palette.

picture 8

It’s the perfect size palette to just slip into my makeup bag and carry around in my handbag. It shades are subtle which I love, because I’m not a fan of bright colours. So the smokey colours are perfect for me. The palette costs £24 from Debenhams, but I promise you won’t regret it! I give this product 9/10 as the quality of the product is good and it’s easy to apply.

Now, mascara. This is the same mascara I have been using for years. I love it – although it’s not waterproof! So I’m not allowed to cry wearing this, unless I want to look like a giant crying panda. Originally I got this from Boots, but I can’t seem to find it and I can’t remember how much I paid. Boo hoo! Looks like I need to shop around for a new one!

#8 – Lovely smelling, shiny hair!

Who doesn’t love it when their hair is shiny and smells amazing!

picture 6.jpg

Now, my hair has a tendency to be dull and dehydrated when I’ve washed and dried it. SO, in order to revive my hair and give it some moisture along with the most amazing smell I use Natural World coconut water ‘hydration & shine weightless hair oil.’ A little of this goes a long way, if you put too much in your hair will go greasy and it is a disaster – trust me, I’ve been there and done that!

I rub a little bit into my hands and then run my hands through my wet hair. I then dry my hair and viola! Beautifully smelling and shiny hair – who wouldn’t want that? You should all try this product, I got it from Tesco and it costs £5. It is definitely worth it as I give it a 9/10 due to it being the best hair product I have ever used. It does the job of hydrating my hair and reviving it like never before!

#9 – Talking of smells, who doesn’t love perfume?!

Next have the most perfect range of perfume’s, who would have thought it? My favourite is ‘Sparkle’ it has a very sweet scent and it’s SO affordable!

picture 3.jpg

Sparkle is one of many perfumes by Next, but this one is my all time favourite. Although I’m not sure who is working out their pricing strategies. The large bottle costs £12, but you can also by the set, which includes the large bottle and the Sparkle cream, for £12 too. Obviously I opted for the set as it makes more sense!

But seriously, if you’ve not got it….get it! I’d give this product 10/10 because it smells great, I love the bottle and it’s very…me.


I love perfume and sprays, they’re great! I mean come on, who doesn’t love smelling great?

picture 1

These two beauties, pictured above were both gifts. Now, I LOVE it when people buy me things like this for birthdays and Christmas, they are ideal gifts! The ghost perfume, my best friend Sofia brought me – what a babe! I would give it a 9/10, it has quite a strong scent but not so much that it’s over powering. I think you can get this for around £20 from most perfume shops!

The French Connection body spray is to die for! Love the smell, it’s very sweet BUT I do think they have stopped making this now. Which makes me sad because I adore it! BUT, I do have a back up spray that I like The Soap and Glory ‘Original Pink’ body spray, which costs £4 from Boots.

I hope you have enjoyed both of my affordable product posts!

Thank you for reading!

Charlotte x


Affordable products that get me through the day – Part One

We all have those go to products that we just can’t get enough of, don’t we? I know I certainly do! Here are the products that I use almost every day to make myself feel fresh and are affordable for everyone to buy!

#1 – Because you know I’m all about that base, ’bout that base…

picture 4

I love Simple products and the clue is in the name. They’re simple, they don’t irritate my skin – which is great, because my skin is so sensitive and I’ll react to most things, so I have to choose my products wisely!

So I use the Day cream when I wake up, it just wakes my skin up and brings all of the moisture back into my skin. I love the texture of the cream, it’s very light and easy to apply. Although, a little goes a long way. I learnt that the hard way! This product costs £5.49 from Boots.

I also use the ‘Kind to eyes, revitalising eye roll on’ which I have to say is great for me. Some days I’ll wake up with bags under my eyes, that bad I should start charging them 5p to be there, so this sorts me right out! It gives my eyes that little lift that’s needed. It’s very cold to roll on, although that is what feels so refreshing to my eyes. Simple revitalising eye roll on costs £5.19 from Superdrug – but currently is on offer for £2.45!

The ‘Kind to skin micellar cleansing water’ and ‘Kind to skin soothing facial toner’ work a dream when getting make up off! There’s no perfume smell because it’s for sensitive skin, but I find the scent of it quite refreshing and it does just that when it’s on your skin!

The product gets rid of any last bits of make up that I may have missed with the wipes and makes my skin feel great! The cleansing water costs £4.95 and the toner costs £1.50, both products from Boots.

Overall I’d give all of these products a rating of 8/10.

#2 – May your foundation match your neck!

Ahhhh foundation. It’s so easy to get your shade wrong! We’ve all been there in year 7 with the orange face and the white neck, right? It was a steep learning curve, but we all got there eventually.

There are two affordable foundations that I switch between day to day!

picture 2

No7 ‘Stay Perfect foundation’ does exactly what it says on the tin. For my skin, it’s great. It’s a very runny foundation in comparison with the Rimmel ‘Wake me up’ one. I always find I need to pump a little more out the bottle with the No7 foundation, in order to fully cover my face. It costs £14.50 from Boots and I use the shade Calico, due to my pale skin. Overall, it is a great product for every day use and I give it a 8/10. 

The Rimmel London ‘Wake me up’ foundation is good. It gives my skin a light feeling when it’s applied, you can hardly feel it’s there. It’s quite a thick foundation, so a little goes a long way. If you apply too much you risk going back to your year 7 days and your face not matching your neck. One downfall it does have an orange colour to it, so again if you apply too much it is a disaster – trust me!

It’s affordable and practical, It costs £5.99 from Boots (great if your on a budget!) and I use the shade Ivory. Overall, good product for every day use especially if you’re on a budget. I give the ‘Wake me up’ foundation a 7/10. 

#3 – Prime and Conceal

I love a good primer and concealer – especially when it’s affordable! 

My all time favourite concealer is Collection ‘lasting perfection’ concealer. For me it gives the best coverage! I apply it after my foundation to cover up any redness or spots that are still showing through! I would give this concealer a 9/10 as it’s coverage is fantastic, it’s perfect for my skin and it lasts all day! Although, with this product there is a downfall. That being there isn’t much of a variety of shades, luckily for me the shade I use matches my skin perfectly. It costs £4.19 from Boots and I use the shade fair shade 1. 

I have also recently tried Maybelline ‘Instant Anti-age, the eraser eye, perfect and cover concealer.’ It’s a good product for erasing dark circles from under your eyes. It’s not the best product I have ever used but It is affordable. Overall I would give this product a 6/10. It costs £7.99 from Boots. 

Primers! Maybelline New York ‘Baby skin instant pore eraser’ has been one of my favourites since I was a teenager. It’s one of those products that you always go back to! You only need a little bit to cover your face or certain areas. It’s such a lightweight primer and perfect to use under your foundation! Overall I give this a product 8/10, it costs £7.99 from Boots. 

The MUA range of prime and conceal colour corrector’s are fantastic! I use the yellow one for under my eyes to tackle those dark circles and bags and the green to hide my red skin! I apply before my foundation and after my moisturiser, and it all works so well together! They are £2.00 each from Superdrug – it’s a bargain and works so well! I would give this product an 8/10. 

#4 – You’ve got to get those chisel cheeks!

picture 10

I love a good contour kit, I own quite a few. But my newest favourite is from Barry M. Their Chisel Cheeks contour kit is fabulous! A friend recommended it and I’d never used the brand before – only for nail varnish. So I took the plunge and tried it out. Honestly you won’t regret it! 

It’s a powder so it’s fairly easy to apply with a brush, and also easy to blend with a beauty blender. In the kit there is a highlighter, a medium brown shade and a darker brown shade.

I brought the light to medium kit because of my fair skin but they do offer a medium to dark kit and contour and highlighting cream sticks (which I am yet to try!) Overall I would give this product a 9/10 as it is affordable at £6.49, it’s easy to apply and the shades are perfect to blend into my skin! One of my all time favourites! 

#5 – So many lip products!

Ahhhh lip products, why are there so many to choose from?!

My absolute favourites are the Burts Bees ‘beeswax lip balm,’ it’s a dream! It gives your lips a little tingle once you’ve applied it. Once I have applied that I then put on my Clarins ‘instant light lip balm perfector’ which again is a lip balm but it’s like a lipstick. I use these both everyday and they work so well together, keeping my lips soft.

On the downside like all lip balms, you do need to keep applying them throughout the day. The Burts Bees lip balm costs £3.99 from boots, I would give it a 7/10 and the Clarins lip balm is not so affordable, it costs £18.50 and I would give it a 10/10. I would definitely recommend this product! 

If I go out anywhere for a meal or a few drinks I love to use my L’Oreal Paris colour riche palette in Nude. The shades are perfect for my skin tone, very subtle and not too bright for me! Perfect for a night out. The palette costs £12.99 from Superdrug (I know, I’m shocked it’s not Boots either.) They also do the palette in red, if you’re brave enough to wear red on your lips – go for it girls! Overall I’d give it a 8/10. 

I’ll be back soon with the next part of my affordable products that gets me through the day! 

Charlotte x