A letter to my former self

Dear Former self,

There will come a time in your life when you’ll be sitting there and you’ll realise no matter how many bad things are happening in your life that you ARE a strong person and it’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to cry and it’s okay not to pick up the pieces that everyone has left behind. These things may not seem it at the time, but it is all okay.

You will realise that none of the things that happened were your fault. You will realise that it’s NOT your job to look after the people who should be looking after you. You will realise that running around trying to make everyone happy does not make you happy. Making yourself happy comes before that, no matter what – put yourself first.

One day, you will realise so many things.

Life is happening now, and you HAVE control. It might feel at times like everything is going too fast and you just can’t take anymore. You can deal with it, you can push through it. Don’t keep hitting a brick wall and surrounding yourself with smoke because it will blind all the good things in your life and the good things that your future holds. Come out at the end because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

You’ll find your feet, stand up for yourself and you will eventually stand your ground. Take the wheel in your life, get on the right road and drive. Get yourself away from everything and do what makes you happy.

No one will sort things out for you, only you can pave your own way in life. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and aim for the sky.

Sure, you’ll have set backs. But be patient and hold tight. You will get there and all of your hard work will pay off in the end. Put your head down, focus and ignore all of the other things that are happening in your life. Your work is your future and no one can take that away from you. No one can carve your future but you, never EVER doubt yourself.

One day, you will be a shadow of your former self and be proud of how strong you were and how far you’ve got in your life. Because you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. You will thrive and take all of the hurt in your life and use it to build yourself up. Be incredibly proud of all of your achievements.

You WILL be okay and you WILL be happy.

The future you x



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